The attributes that matter if you are aiming for the best job.

We need to work, whether it is for our own company or for someone else. The remuneration that we derive from our employment is what keeps our home fires burning and our family comfortable. If you are living in Sri Lanka or domiciled elsewhere this is the right time to look for the best Sri Lankan jobs.

With the last Presidential elections held on the 8th of January 2015 things are looking brighter on Sri Lanka’s horizon. There will be more vacancies created for jobs in Sri Lanka in the near future, with the private sector generally getting into high gear with the envisaged right wing policies of the new government.

The pioneers in bringing together employers and employees successfully for many years now, the proactive website is in the forefront to provide the jobs needed. From the top jobs to the middle grades and the lower middle grades we have plenty of jobs in Sri Lanka.

The services of rakiyawa provided over the years have helped a multitude of prospective employers as well as employees. We have brought about some very long standing unions between the two. We regularly up date our new jobs as most of our jobs that are advertised are snapped up fast.

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Getting your cv designed by us will give you that extra edge, when you walk tall into an interview. The stride in your step will hold you in good stead, and also give the interviewer a good impression of the candidate presenting himself.

These attributes matter if you are aiming for the best jobs, because succeeding in one is no mean feat, and would need a lot of effort and hard work from you. The hundreds of new job vacancies that we have on the website is testimony to the respect and reliability we have earned over the years. We are a force to reckon with for topjobs and are determined to give out our best at all times, to employers and employees alike.


Digital marketing is leading the way.

The Digital Media is used extensively today to bombard consumers, customers and users 24x7 promoting various products, services and ideologies. This constant barrage of unsolicited information has it’s advantages and disadvantages, too.

The Digital Media is proliferating profusely worldwide bringing the latest information, unlimited entertainment, a broad spectrum of social interaction, competitive shopping, current affairs and news. The possibilities are beyond comprehension and this media is used by sellers, buyers, ideologists, and many more others to take their wares into the public domain.

Using the internet, wireless text messages, mobile instant messaging, mobile apps, podcasts, electronic billboards, digital television among many others information can be transferred instantly for easy access.

Using these medians an aggressive Digital Marketing agency could effectively take the products and services of their clients to prospective consumers. The use of Digital marketing techniques has in the present context has improved whilst becoming competitive too.

Some companies have devised very progressive and challenging strategies and increased the bar on competitiveness and one of them, Digital Marketing agency Melbourne stands out among others like a colossus.

Their online marketing initiatives have borne fruitful results to their very satisfied clients. Having their clients up on the pedestal of the search engine ranking has been their forte, and achieving it continuously has been the icing on the cake.

Search engine marketing is everyone’s bread and butter today, and companies would thread any length to get their message across, to the consumers and customers.

Digital Marketing Melbourne has been the leader for many moons now and has taken their search marketing planning and executions very seriously and has dedicated staff to back their endeavour.

Melbourne seo has created a new dimension in Search engine optimization or SEO, with their relentless and competitive seo services. They have always striven to provide the most modern methods to achieve high SEO rankings always.

Clients have the advantage of being supported by a leader in Digital Marketing techniques when they team up with Melbourne seo. The years of experience that all staff at Digital Marketing Melbourne commands collectively are very impressive.

 Web marketing has been their forte and all clients being backed and serviced by a progressive thinking and aggressive web marketing agency will hold them in good stead, to achieve positive results and meet their company’s objectives.


Planning your function


Planning a function is no easy task, as the logistics involved is immense and they have to be coordinated with near military precision, so that the event ends on a successful note. Every little detail has to be planned well in advance and nothing could be left to chance.

A single loose end could jeopardize the whole event, for example the Party lighting does not arrive on schedule, and you may not be able to recover in time to rectify it.

Function Junction has created a common platform for all those who are involved, in planning, providing different services and organizing events to meet in a level playing field to exchange views and works towards one mutual goal. To make the event or function, a success that it should be.

The primary aim of everyone on the common platform should be only the success of the event and nothing else, the coordination and camaraderie displayed among all will enhance the success of the event.

Function Junction has a vast array of different Service providers from Catering services, Videographers, Photographers, Decorators, Music bands, Dancing troops and many more others with expertise and experience offering their services at very competitive prices.

Bringing all of them together for a common goal is no mean task, but with the provisions in the platform that Function Junction provides the wheels of the process moves smoothly forward. With all monetary transactions the responsibility of the concerned parties, there will not be any anomaly to complain about in the end.

The most difficult task is to bring everyone together for a common goal and we at Function Junction are providing that and the rest should be everyone else’s initiatives. With no fee charged from event planners and organizers, the platform we provide free is a blessing for all.

A small fee would be charged only from the Service providers, after they are screened for their commitment to reliability and integrity. Every individual entity would have to present their bona fides, to trade their wares on Function Junction.

Cake suppliers, Beauticians and Hiring cars and many more others are invited to join. The opportunities we provide are incomparable and once you are registered you could post the services that are offered, including everything pertaining to your business.